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Comfortable multi-purpose scissors for household, hobbies and garden

Be it for a tetrapack container of orange juice, wrapping paper for a birthday present, a bouquet of flowers from the garden or even just a single thread - there is always something that needs cutting. That is why we need scissors. Best are scissors readily accessible where their helpful service is needed.

The multi-purpose scissors GARDENA SchnippSchnapp are ideal for household and garden. And if you have a hobby that requires especially precise cutting, you will not want to do without the GARDENA SchnippSchnapp XL.

The GARDENA SchnippSchnapp are comfortable, easy-to-use scissors. Their specially ground, high-quality and rust-free stainless steel blades are perfect for taking on whatever needs to be cut in your kitchen or garden: for opening food packages, to cutting threads and binding wire, to collecting flowers for the vase or herbs for the kitchen, and much more. The blades of these 180-millimetre-long multi-purpose scissors are highly robust and resistant.

The new GARDENA SchnippSchnapp XL are 210 millimetres long, their equally high-quality blades made of rust-free stainless steel are specially ground for precise and accurate cutting. These scissors achieve razor-sharp cutting of paper, wallpaper, leather, textiles and much more with long and straight cuts - just the right tool for passionate hobby craftsmen and for high demands in the household.

Both multi-purpose GARDENA scissors are suited for left- and right-handed use. With their ergonomic design and comfort grip with soft plastic components, they are pleasant and secure in hold. They are dishwasher-proof and have a 25 year warranty.