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Capable all-rounders for lawn care

Dynamic appearance, an effective high-power motor, a comfortable handlebar and a DuraEdge cutting blade for an extra-sharp grass cut – these are the stand-out attributes of the new GARDENA PowerMax™ Lawnmower fleet.

In a streamlined design, with powerful motors and an exceptional cutting result – this is how the new GARDENA PowerMax™ 32E, 34E and 42E Lawnmowers make their mark. With these electric lawnmowers, mowing is especially convenient and easy because GARDENA has upgraded all the models in its PowerMax™ product range for small, medium-sized and large lawn areas.

Among the top features of the thoroughly revamped GARDENA PowerMax™ Electric Lawnmowers are firstly a high-power motor with a high-torque gear – a technology that enables comfortable handling and dynamic mowing, even of tall or damp grass.

Optimised ergonomics support the easy handling of the mower. It takes hardly any effort to push or pull the lawnmower by its pleasantly cushioned yet easy-grip handlebar (does not apply to the GARDENA PowerMax™ 32E). Practical quick-lock levers with extra-high torque in the model GARDENA Electric Lawnmower PowerMax™ 42E ensure fast and easy adjustment of the frame to the required height.

However, what really counts for a perfectly-cut lawn is the cutting gear. The new geometry of the DuraEdge blades in the GARDENA PowerMax™ Lawnmowers 34E and 42E feature three ground cutting edges per side for optimal cutting results. Also important are special lawn rakes on the side of the casing that lift the grass before the cutting deck moves over it so that excellent cutting results are also possible alongside walls or edges.