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GARDENA chainsaws

A couple of simple steps for correctly handling GARDENA chainsaws

Before starting

Check the chainsaw.

Check the chain brake arm to ensure that it is working properly ("on/off").

Check that there is enough fuel in the tank.

Check the guide bar and chain (mounted correctly, tensioned correctly, sharpened correctly).

Check the work area and surroundings.

Make sure there are no children, animals, or spectators around.

You must work on a stable surface (no obstructions, holes, or uneven ground).

Check the wood to be sawn.

There must not be items such as nails in the wood.

The wood must be stable on the floor or on a saw block.

Pay attention to tension in the wood.

Note the direction in which the wood will fall when it has been sawn off.

Be aware of falling boughs and branches.

Preparing firewood

Wear protective clothing! Do not support the wood with your foot; instead, secure it on a stable saw block or on the floor. Split the wood after sawing. Stack the wood in a dry, ventilated place and dry for at least two years. After all, the moisture in the wood affects how well the wood will burn.

After use

Storing the chainsaw:

- Allow the chainsaw to cool down before storing it.

- Store in a dry location which will not freeze.

- Ensure you add oil to the machine when necessary.

You will find complete instructions for correctly operating GARDENA chainsaws in the relevant operating manual.