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Whether you have an established garden or you are planning a new project - there's a lot of ground work to do. GARDENA's range of hand tools, garden care tools, spades and accessories will help you for almost any job around your flower and vegetable beds.

Gardening tools

The right tools for the jobs in your garden

GARDENA combisystem is a clever system that combines different handles with various tools so that many garden applications can be easily covered. One handle can be used for several gardening tools, for example a wooden handle with a rake, hoe, or even a snow shovel. The GARDENA combisystem hand tools are smart and handy helpers for taking care of flowerpots or smaller flower and vegetable beds. For heavier work take a look at our Terraline™ range. It sets new standards for digging tools as to features, convenience and design.

Garden care

For various jobs in your garden

Whether caring for plants or cleaning up your garden - GARDENA offers the right products. Use our pressure sprayers to provide flowers and trees with nutrients or protect them from vermin. Or loosen soil by help of a cultivator. Our blowers/vacs will help you clean up around your home and garden.

Garden accessories

Everything your garden needs

There are many little and useful helpers which can complement your garden work and make it much easier. For cleaning up your garden GARDENA offers the mobile garden cart that can be pulled to wherever you need it in your garden. Using gloves, your hands will stay clean and be protected while working. Check out what other useful helpers you can find!